Travel assistance

Rail Travel

National Rail offers a Disabled Person’s Railcard scheme, which gives the person who is eligible for the card and one person accompanying, a third off rail fares. This card is available for children who are in receipt of DLA between the ages of 5-15. The discount is not applicable on child rail fares, but any accompanying adult will be eligible for the discount available. The card costs £20 a year and is available here. 

Blue Badge scheme

Displaying a Blue Badge allows you to park in disabled parking bays, often meaning that you can park closer to your destination.

You may be eligible for a Blue Badge if your child is over 2 years old and is unable to walk or has difficulty walking.

Additionally, the criteria has been expanded so that people with ‘invisible’ disabilities are now potentially eligible for the scheme. This means that in addition to physical disabilities, non-physical disabilities, including cognitive impairment, psychological effects, such as feeling overwhelmed by busy or loud environments, and cognitive fatigue are now taken into account.

Check your eligibility and apply here (England, Wales & Scotland) or here (Northern Ireland).

RADAR key for accessible toilets

Being able to have use of an accessible toilet when you are out and about is important when you have a child with a brain tumour diagnosis. A RADAR key can give you access to the 10,000 locked disabled toilets in the UK, making going out in public far less worrying.

You can purchase a RADAR key here. 

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