Proton beam therapy

What is it?

This is a type of radiotherapy that uses high-energy beams of protons to irradiate a tumour. Proton beams are calculated to land at the site of the tumour with a sharp fall-off. This means the maximum dose of the proton beam is given to the tumour, and very little of the dose is delivered to the healthy tissue beyond the tumour.

We have specific guides to talk you through proton beam therapy. The proton beam therapy guides have been created to help people:

  • feel more confident about proton beam therapy
  • be more informed and engaged in their situation
  • either be assured they are on the best care pathway or feel comfortable and confident in exploring further options
  • understand how brainstrust can help
  • know where further help and information may be available to them.

Our proton beam therapy guides can be found on our website here.

Or email for hard copies.

To explain proton beam therapy to young children, download this comic book.

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