Childhood brain tumours

We know how lost you can feel when you are told your child has a brain tumour.

We know that there are going to be good days and bad days.

We know that it might get better. But we know that maybe it won’t.

Lost for words? We know.

Telling your child they have a brain tumour is hard.

And those 3 a.m. moments? We know about them too.

When a child is diagnosed with a brain tumour, sometimes all you need is someone who understands.

Brainstrust is the charity and the community that’s here to help these people and those who look after them. We also know we don’t have all the answers. But chances are we know someone who does. So get in touch today for help on 01983 292 405, email or visit

This page is to help you feel better resourced when your child is diagnosed with a brain tumour.