I think my child has a brain tumour

This page will help you understand the difference between brain tumour signs and symptoms. It also provides guidance about the functions of the brain and what a brain tumour is.

Know the symptoms

Symptoms are abnormal changes your child may have felt and this page discusses the different signs and symptoms they may be experiencing.

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The brain

It is the most complex organ in the body, and the organ that we know the least about. This page is to help you have a better understanding of how the brain is structured.

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What is a brain tumour

A brain tumour is a mass of abnormal cells growing in the brain. This page gives a brief description of what a brain tumour is and causes.

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It has been proven that diagnosing brain tumours earlier in children means they a better chance of survival.

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Diagnosing a brain tumour

The doctors will then use a variety of scans and tests to determine whether your child has a brain tumour and, if they do, what type of tumour they have. This page will explain some of the scans and test your child may have to diagnose a brain tumour.

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